Trick or Treat? Enjoying Halloween Safely with Pets

Halloween is just around the corner--and who says pets can’t join in on the fun? They know how to perform tricks and love to get treats in return, so this holiday is perfect for them! 

But every break in your pet’s routine should be done with care. There are a lot of accidents that can happen with the multitude of candies, new house decorations, and constant flow of people doing trick-or-treat. Worrying about our pets is a Halloween horror that no fur parent wants to experience. 

So how do we prevent this from happening? Here we list down important reminders so you can celebrate the spooky season safely with your pets! 


Careful of candies. 

As much as they beg, resist the temptation to give into your pet’s sweet tooth. Human candies pose a myriad of threats to dogs and cats.  



Cacao contains the chemical theobromine that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures in both dogs and cats. Generally, the higher the cacao content, the more likely to cause clinical symptoms--so dark chocolate is much more dangerous than white chocolate. It is estimated that an ounce of chocolate per kilogram of body weight will cause death in dogs, but in some reports, it can take a lot less. Sensitivity to chocolate differs depending on the amount of chocolate eaten, the weight of the animal, and individual factors. But if you discover that your pet has accessed the chocolate stash, it’s best to go to the veterinarian as soon as possible. 



Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used to substitute sugar in sugar-free gum, pastries, and mouth rinses. While it’s great for humans who need to watch their sugar levels, it’s quite the opposite for dogs. Xylitol drastically increases insulin levels in dogs, causing dangerously low levels of blood glucose, even if your pooch ate less than 0.1mg per kg body weight. Since glucose is the main energy source of mammalian cells, clinical signs include what we may think of as sleepiness, lethargy, and difficulty coordinating movements. In addition, Xylitol causes acute liver damage at slightly higher doses of 0.5mg per kg body weight. Ingestion requires immediate medical support to correct. 



Chocolate-covered raisins are so addicting, it’s easy to keep on popping them into your mouth. But beware of the consequences if your dog or cat gets to it. Raisins, grapes and currants are toxic to the kidneys of pets, though the exact molecule responsible for the damage is yet to be identified. Vomiting, weakness, and tremors are some signs that your pets have exposed themselves to products that contain these fruits. 


Provide pet-friendly treats. 

To allow your dog to have fun without the risk of human food, why not give treats made especially for them? There are readily available brands on the market in different shapes and sizes appropriate for the Halloween theme. Another option is to look at pet treat recipes online. The ingredients are not only safe, but nutritious and delicious. If you want to make it even healthier, try incorporating natural pet supplements into the mix. alchemypet’s Dog Immune Booster can make a great addition to your Hallow’s Eve dog healthy treats by strengthening your pooch’s body from the inside.  Works for cats too! 


Beware of choking hazards. 

The floating plastic hands, fake cobwebs, festive skeletons, and other Halloween decorations are supposed to scare people off, but some pets consider them to be fun new playthings. Try to keep small decorations out of their reach to prevent them from swallowing and choking on them. Same goes for candies and their wrappers that may be lying around. If you’re lucky, they’ll cough it out and be fine. If you’re not, you may need to pay for an expensive surgery to fish out that plastic bone from your pet’s stomach. 


Make sure costumes are comfortable. 

Dressing up in costume is one of the best things about Halloween. With the hundreds of dog and cat costumes available, fur parents are spoiled for choice. Just make sure that the outfit you get is the right size. If it’s too tight, it can restrict breathing and block off circulation. If it’s too big, they can trip on it and get into accidents. Adjust the costume so that it does not cover their eyes or ears, so they remain comfortable throughout the night.

Halloween costume for dogs

Keep your pets secured. 

Whether you’re leaving your pets in the house as you go trick-or-treating, or are bringing them along for the ride, make sure that they are secured. In your excitement to show off your costume and get bags of candies, you might forget to lock your doors and windows, making for an unpleasant surprise when you get home to find your pet has gone off into the night. Especially with all the fireworks, your pet may get spooked and run off even if they are not predispositioned to this type of behaviour.  If you’re taking your pet with you to a Halloween party, make sure that they are leashed. There are a lot of kids and other pets around, which could get them distracted and overly excited. Keep them close to you to avoid any untoward incidents. 



Halloween can be a fun event for humans and pets alike--as long as precautions are taken to keep them safe. In the bustle of the season, don’t forget to provide them with their food and supportive health products, including alchemypet’s Immunity Boost For Dogs. This way, they un-grimly reap the benefits of complete nutrition and supplements, a must for them to have the energy to celebrate Halloween right there with you.