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alchemypet’s launch Immunity Booster, a pet food supplement that provides all the health supports of the legendary Agaricus blazei Murill mushroom (AbM).

This mushroom has long been used in the human traditional functional food practice, most notably in Brazil where it originated and Japan, where it is the no1 natural ingredient in supplements.

alchemypet’s mushroom Immunity Booster supplement for dogs is a great way to support your dog's daily wellness and longevity.

Our mushroom supplement also supports seasonal immunity.

Agaricus blazei Mushroom is a clean ingredient supplement, which has been considered a superfood for a long time, and is widely regarded as one of the most powerful medicinal mushroom on the planet.

It has the advantage of supporting discomfort and as a prebiotic works to support the gut microbiome.

As losing immunity can make your pet more vulnerable to health problems, alchemypet offers immune support so our dogs can live their lives to the fullest.

For the natural immunity of dogs, exercise and a good diet are a foundation but, just like humans supplementation is a great addition to any health plan.

alchemypet has made this product with ultimate wellness in mind, zero artificial additives, designed to produce optimal health conditions.

Our mushroom supplement strengthens your dog's immune system, naturally in the convenience of an easy to apply dog food topper.

Our Commitment

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Sustainably sourced

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ethically produced

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Recycled & Recyclable

The alchemypet Immunity Booster for dogs is a groundbreaking formulation that provides essential nutrients, enabling revolutionary immune system support.

Aiding respiratory and holistic health, it has biodegradable, recyclable and recycled packaging, enabling less waste for the planet, and designed specifically with the immunity of your dog in mind.

We use only organic, non-GMO Agaricus blazei Mushrooms processed without the use of chemical extraction methods, and free of fillers, alcohols, harmful chemicals, and gluten to support an immunity support that actually works.


Immunity Booster features


Immunity Booster features


Immunity Booster features

Vet Approved

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Cruelty Free

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Immunity Booster features


Immunity Booster features


Immunity Booster features


Immunity Booster features


Immunity Booster features


Our products are made from organic ingredients that are safe for your pet. This product also is allergen, gluten, and wheat free making it a great product for pets with allergies.

Immunity Booster for dogs and cats

Holistic health effects of Agaricus blazei Murill Mushroom

Health Benefits of Mushrooms for Dogs

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As pets get older, they become much more prone to developing serious health problems.

Functional mushrooms are becoming more commonly consumed for their various benefits.

The AbM mushroom, nicknamed the 'Mushroom of Life' has been used for centuries in it's native habitat in Brazil for its' renowned ability to support our whole health and immunity.

We are excited to be pioneering this new ingredient into the dog health ecosystem and giving our dog's the best in all natural whole health wellness.

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Glucose-modulating effect

Another common support provided is this mushroom's studied ability to lower glucose levels in the blood.

This is a common concern for not only for humans, but also for dogs.

A vast majority of cases will require medical management with drugs that have their own toxic effects if not used properly.

Science is always on the lookout for natural remedies that can help support lower blood glucose levels without serious side effects.

AbM mushroom extract is one exciting forerunner because it contains high levels of beta glucans, which is a polysaccharide known to improve hyperglycemia.

AbM mushrooms are recognized as a great daily wellness functional mushroom to add to your dog's meal.

As both an important source of prebiotics and a powerful antioxidant, these mushrooms are great for everything including your dog's skin and coat.

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Respiratory and skin health

Allergies in dogs have become commonplace. Just like humans, this occurs because their immune system goes on overdrive when exposed to all of the environmental toxins we have around us daily.

Common allergens include feed ingredients, flea bites, pollen, dust, household chemicals, and even certain kinds of medication, food additives, artificial ingredients and flavors and many other often unavoidable exposures.

The resulting allergies can be supported by supplying a healthy diet with functional foods.

Giving your dog AbM mushrooms daily has been shown to support immune health.

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Antioxidant effect

As dogs age, their bodies are no longer as effective at preventing oxidative damage.

Supporting antioxidant levels with functional mushrooms is a great way to improve overall aging wellbeing.

Antioxidants have long been a staple in preventative medicine and general health.

Providing AbM mushroom supplements may slow down the natural degeneration and oxidative stress that comes with age, allowing your dog to stay mentally and physically healthy for longer.