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Landing in Switzerland right before the pandemic hit, I was fortunate to have flown over with this guy Marley, my now 14 year old Shih Tzu dog son.  

While avoiding people, adventuring around hiking and cycling together awakened me to a fuller simpler lifestyle and perspective. 

Having done high school in Asia I was exposed to the merits of plants over pills from a young age, and with this in mind, began to question how could I be maximum proactive about Marley’s wellness future? 

How could I provide industry leading solutions to joint, eye, gut and and other immunity challenges that are now prevalent as dogs age? 

It was a fortunate coincidence that I found myself in Switzerland, when this contemplation began, which happens to be the biotech hub of the world. 

During this time I met a team of self proclaimed Swiss Geek scientists and a collaboration was formed to develop groundbreaking all natural pet wellness formulations that make traditional botanical medicines both more effective and efficient. 

As time went on, our team expanded to include production guru Crystal Webber, and operations expert Michelle Aguilar.  

Together, we have become more than just a local company; we are a global team united by our shared dedication to improving the lives of dogs.  

Through our cutting-edge formulations, which blend the best of Eastern and Western botanical medicines with our extended release technology, we provide all natural, premium wellness solutions. 

Fully natural, free from added sugar, harmful chemicals, GMOs, the 9 major allergens and zero artificial preservatives, colors, or fillers, alchemypet is bringing clean multi-ingredient premium wellness that delivers groundbreaking wellbeing. 

Our driving question is simple: "Did we do everything we could to improve the wellness of the global dog community?" With this vision in mind, we strive to become leaders in the natural pet wellness space worldwide.



Our transformative solutions represent a bridge between nature and science to deliver the highest standard of dog wellness.


To become global leaders in the premium, natural wellness dog care industry.


Longer, fuller, time together for pets, people, and the planet.

We Strive

To innovate and provide the best preventative health solutions through combining leading formulation technology and natural remedies

We Value

The bond that exists between the pet and human emotional, physical and spiritual condition and are innovating preventative pet health to keep pets in lock step with us through all of life’s ups and downs

We Promise

To provide you and your pet the best health solutions to keep your pet feeling great, 100% money back guarantee if your pet doesn’t love it!

We Feel

A deep connection to the global animal community and planet and pledge to continuously be sourcing the most ethical ingredients, the most eco friendly packaging and to give back to the global community every step of the way

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Testmonial Image

As a veterinarian committed to animal health, I am happy to be writing my support for the alchemypet Immunity Booster, containing organic Agaricus Blazei full spectrum extract. It is exciting to see a chemical-free extraction process being applied to the most powerful medicinal mushroom on earth. The liquid form enables this product to be absorbed into the pets’ system better than powders or capsules, and the full spectrum complex results in a high number of synergistic compounds including polysaccharides. Thus, providing a boost to the immunomodulatory response, which this mushroom does better than any other natural product. Enhancing the natural killer cell production provides enormous benefits to the pets’ immune system response capabilities. Looking forward to seeing more eco-minded innovation in preventative pet health from alchemypet!

~ Sara Ochoa, DVM