Q & A

How will my pet benefit from Agaricus mushroom?

Agaricus mushrooms can help keep your dog’s immune system healthy and ready to fight off diseases. Its antioxidant properties can help slow down degenerative problems associated with ageing, minimize damage from while its antitumor properties help strengthen the part of the immune system that keeps cancerous growths at bay.

Why should I think about preventative pet health?

Anyone who has experienced their pet getting sick knows the toll it takes on one’s emotional wellbeing and bank account. While it is impossible to guarantee that a pet will be healthy and happy 100% of the time, there is a lot pet owners can do to keep the odds as low as possible. Routine vet check-ups, vaccinations, deworming, proper diet and exercise, and supplementation are all important components of preventative animal health. The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies to pets too!

Is the alchemypet Immune Booster Organic Agaricus Blazei Full spectrum extract recommended by veterinarians?

Yes. The alchemypet Immunity Booster is specially formulated for pets wellbeing. Healthy pets will benefit from the immune enhancing effects of this supplement. However, if your dog or cat is currently taking medications, has dietary restrictions, or is undergoing therapy for underlying conditions, it is best to check with your veterinarian before introducing supplements of any kind. 

How and when should I give this to my pet?

alchemypet Immune Booster Organic Agaricus Blazei Full spectrum extract is a liquid supplement that can be given directly to your dog or cat through a dropper or mixed into pet food. It is given daily, with the amount depending on the pet’s body weight, and you can see exact veterinary reviewed dosing instructions by signing up in our pet profile and dosing calculator on the main page.

What is the difference between a booster and a formula?

alchemypet's first product is a booster designed to address one area of your pet’s health with the most powerful medicinal mushroom known.  We are also developing a line of multi ingredient formulas in the new year that will deliver industry leading 360 degree wellbeing. 

Why a liquid form is superior versus, chewable, powder or capsules?

An active ingredient will exert its beneficial effects on the body only upon binding with the receptor it has an affinity for. To get from outside the body, through the digestive system, through the bloodstream, and finally to the target receptor is a long journey. When it comes to agaricus blazei mushroom extracts, the liquid form is known to be the easiest for the body to absorb and process. In addition, the liquid form is also more palatable to pets. Unlike capsules, there is no need to force-feed dogs. It also gives a milder flavor when compared to chewable and powder.

Is the product lab tested?

Yes, this product is batch tested by a 3rd party laboratory.

What goes into the alchemypet packaging?

alchemypet values not just the pet’s health but also the environment. Our bottle is a Miron violet glass, a type of biophotonic glass in which its natural ability to block light can protect the contents against sunlight thus increasing the product’s shelf life and effectiveness. The bottle is 100% recyclable and so with the boxes and poly mailers we use in packing our products. For shipping, we consider 100% carbon neutral shipping service. Our company ensure sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact and footprint.