Phosphorus in dogs

Does your dog have low phosphorus? There are many great natural pet supplements that you can give your dog to help boost their phosphorus intake and help improve their overall immunity.  Mushrooms, for example, are a great source of phosphorus that you can feed to your dog. Agaricus mushrooms are not only a good source of phosphorus for your dog but also help provide an immune boost too. 


What is Phosphorus? 

Phosphorus is a mineral that your dog’s body needs for healthy teeth, bones, and a healthy metabolism. Usually, phosphorus works with calcium to help provide homeostasis in your dog’s body. Phosphorus is also essential to help support healthy kidney function. Your dog’s kidneys need to stay healthy to flush toxins out of their body properly. 


What are the signs of a Phosphorus deficiency in my dog? 

If your dog has a low phosphorus level, you may just notice that they are not feeling well. Usually, the more severe signs are seen in animals who have had low phosphorus levels for a long time. These signs include: 

  • Anemia 
  • Weak muscles  
  • Muscle and bone pain 
  • Decrease heart function 
  • Neurological activity 

If you notice any of these signs in your dog or think that your dog has very low phosphorus levels, it would be best to see your vet. They can run bloodwork to check the phosphorus levels in your dog and start them on medication to help quickly increase these levels to normal. 


How much Phosphorus does my dog need? 

Your dog will need about 10mg per pound of bodyweight of phosphorus a day. Which can be attained through a balanced diet especially if they getting.  If your dog is not getting enough phosphorus, there are a few health conditions that could occur. 


How can I make sure that my dog has enough Phosphorus in their diet? 

Many people will cook food for their dogs rather than feed a commercial diet. Making sure that your dog has the proper amount of phosphorus sources will help keep them healthy and happy.  There are many foods that are a great source of phosphorus. These foods are: 

  • Mushrooms 
  • Eggs 
  • Wheat 
  • Salmon
  • Halibut 
  • Beef 
  • Chicken 
  • Lentils 
  • Potatoes 

Many of these foods also help provide other key benefits for your dog, such as an immune boost, provide omega fatty acids, and providing your dog their needed proteins. 


Why does my dog need Phosphorus? 

Phosphorus is very important in keeping your dog healthy. These are a few benefits of making sure your dog has enough phosphorus. 

  • Supports healthy kidneys: Your dog’s kidneys are used to filter their blood and remove toxins and unused vitamins and minerals from their body. If these vitamins and minerals accumulate in your dog’s body, it could lead to signs of toxicity.  
  • Supports healthy muscles: Phosphorus is needed for proper muscle contractions. Your dog’s heart is one big muscle. By making sure your dog receives adequate amounts of phosphorus, you are helping keep their heart healthy.   

Other muscles in your dog’s legs and body also benefit from normal phosphorus levels — Helping your dog be able to move correctly without causing any pain.  

  • Helps maintain Calcium levels: Calcium and Phosphorus work very closely together to maintain homeostasis in your dog’s body. If calcium levels off, phosphorus can help restore these levels to normal. 
  • Help Maintain bodily functions: Phosphorous commonly helps other enzymes such as niacin, Thiamin, riboflavin, and pyridoxine to help with many body functions that are needed for the survival of your dog.  
  • Helps store energy: Probably the most significant reason your dog needs to maintain proper phosphorus levels is that phosphorus is used to process and store energy. Energy is stored in your dog’s body as ATP.  This energy is used to fuel cells, aid in digestion, and help get rid of waste. 


Causes of Low Phosphorus in dogs? 

There are a few diseases and conditions that can cause your dog to have lower than normal phosphorus levels. Many of these diseases also present as abnormal calcium levels in your dog.  Common conditions seen with a low phosphorus level are: 

  • Dietary insufficiency 
  • Diabetes with ketoacidosis 
  • Insulinoma 
  • Eclampsia 
  • Low vitamin D 
  • Fanconi Syndrome 

Your vet can help you determine why your dog may have a low phosphorus level and what you can do to help return your dog’s phosphorus level to normal. 


Another way that people make sure that their dog has the proper vitamins and minerals, including phosphorus, is by giving them a dietary supplement that contains phosphorus. When looking for a good source of phosphorus, make sure that these supplements are 3rd party tested to ensure they include exactly what is stated on the label. 


Can you give too much Phosphorus to your dog? 

Increased phosphorus levels are usually seen in dogs with: 

  • Kidney disease,  
  • Bone cancer, 
  • Thyroid disease or  
  • An overdose of Vitamin D.  

These issues are usually seen in older dogs. Usually, dogs with high phosphorus levels can be treated and managed with IV fluids, dietary restriction, or management of the underlying disease.  


If your dog does have high phosphorus levels or has one of these diseases, it would be best to discuss phosphorus supplements and other supplements that you may be giving to your dog with your vet. They can help you determine the correct dosage of supplements to give your dog to help them stay healthy and happy. 


Are Agaricus mushrooms a good source of Phosphorus for dogs? 

Consider using Agaricus mushrooms when looking for a supplement to give to your dog to help with a balanced diet or if their phosphorus levels are low. These mushrooms are great at not only providing your dog with phosphorus but also giving your dog an immune boost. Agaricus mushrooms are high in phosphorus. They contain about 12% of the daily need for phosphorus in one cup. Not only do they contain a large amount of phosphorus they also contain potassium, calcium and magnesium. 


Most dogs love these mushrooms, and there are several great, readily available Agaricus mushroom products on the market to give to your dog. 


Final Thoughts 

Maintaining the proper level of phosphorus as well as other vitamins and minerals is vital to the overall health of your dog. If your dog has low phosphorus levels, you will likely see signs of weakness and neurological issues. If you notice these, talk with your vet about phosphorus supplements for your dog. Giving your dog Agaricus Mushrooms is a great solution as it will not only help provide them phosphorous in their diet, but this mushroom also provides a host of other great health benefits.