The Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Natural Pet Supplements

Nutritional supplementation in pets is becoming the norm for pet owners looking to provide the best health outcomes for their furry family members. While balanced and high-quality commercial pet food already covers some aspects of pet wellbeing, when it comes to nutritional and holistic requirements, just like humans, there are many elements regular diets are unable to adequately provide. Hence the plethora of natural pet supplements in and coming to market: addressing health and mind performance and health ailment remedy benefits ranging from immune boosters for dogs to coat enhancers for cats, metabolism modulators to anxiety relievers, and everything in between! The market has become so saturated that it becomes difficult to choose which one to give our beloved companion animals.  

Faced with a never-ending list of options, multi-ingredient formulations are quickly becoming more prevalent carrying some of the most proven health supplement ingredients available. Dog vitamins derived from grape seed extracts (GSE), for example, are well proven as carrying a multitude of benefits that include improving cardiovascular health via rich antioxidant content, and enhancing neurological health as it’s also abundant in phenolic compounds. There are also clinical trials that suggest a correlation between GSE supplementation and prolonged life.  

Wondering if this is the right choice for you and your pet? Here are some advantages for taking a preventative approach to pet health supplementation: 

How to Save Time and Provide Best in Class Health? 

Most pets have flavor preferences and with so many flavour options on the market you have probably had to throw out supplements that your dog or cat just wouldn’t take to! Find an advanced formula combining multiple essential ingredients to make your lives easier and give your pet the best possible health outcome, that has a neutral flavor profile. This might be the best thing you ever do for them, and for you.   

Dosing Made Convenient 

Keeping track of details such as custom dosage, frequency of administration, expiry dates and other crucial details is a menial yet important task if you want to avoid unnecessary emergency trips to the veterinarian. At least with just one daily preventative holistic dietary supplement, you wouldn’t have to do this necessary administrative task for multiple. 

Furthermore, it’s easier to adhere to the dosage and frequency of administration if you have a holistic supplement complex designed to address all aspects of your pet’s body, mind and soul health. True health solutions, just like in humans, come from a 360 degree approach. 

Invest in Your Pet’s Future 

Other than saving some time by not having to run around the house several times just to administer multiple natural pet supplements, giving your pets just one holistic supplement might also prove to be economical for your wallet too. Buying complex formula supplements will not only save you time and cupboard space, but buying individual supplements on their own is also far more expensive. Meanwhile, protecting yourself from future vet bills by providing proactive pet health remedies keeping your pet long term healthy. 

Cutting Edge Formulation Technology 

Too much of a good thing is typically a bad thing. This is true for dogs as well. With a holistic natural supplement, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore as makers carefully balance the active ingredients and implement cutting-edge formulation technology to increase bioavailability, mask unsavory flavor profiles and provide longer lasting stable release of the nutrients, safely. Supplements that are formulated using microencapsulation technologies, for example, which wrap nutrients in a protective (and hopefully) organic shell deliver the essential nutrients more efficiently with less digestive breakdown for more efficient absorption. But as always do your homework to make sure you are getting the best formulations available, those utilizing organic materials and providing stability guarantees are a good determinations. 

Holistic Natural Preventative Medicine Made Simple 

Even artisan pet foods do not carry holistic health essentials, which well-designed pet nutraceuticals will deliver to ensure that your pets are thriving and living their longest, fullest lives. By supplementing these essential nutrients and adaptogens into your dog, cat or other pet’s health routine, you’ll ensure your pet to enjoy the best health outcomes and live long and happy lives. 

But always be careful when making a supplement choice as many pet owners have inadvertently caused their pet additional medical problems by choosing poorly formulated products for their beloved pets. Vitamin A and E toxicity, Vitamin D poisoning, and puerperal tetany are just some examples of issues caused by overzealous supplementation. Make sure your supplement manufacturer has pet’s in mind and has a vet reviewed or approved label marking.  

When deciding which supplementing regime to adopt, make sure to go with a manufacturer that is utilizing modern health technologies like microencapsulation, considering your convenience and delivering multi ingredient solutions to maximize convenience and affordability.   

If you’re still worried about whether the supplement you’re considering is safe for your pet, making sure that it’s vet-approved is a great first step! However, a quick consultation with a vet will help you skip through the decision fatigue and choose the right supplement approach based on your pet’s life stage, history, lifestyle, and existing medical conditions. With the proper holistic guidance, you can greatly improve your pet’s quality and length of life through proper nutraceutical supplementation.