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Have you ever looked into your dog's eyes and felt you could understand everything he or she was trying to say? Well, it turns out that you're not crazy - dogs do communicate through their eyes! 

In this blog post, we will discuss the fascinating science of canine communication. We'll explore how dogs use their eyes to express emotions, convey information, and build relationships with humans and other animals. 

So, if you think that just because dogs primarily experience the world through their nose means you can skip out on the eye vitamins, think again. If you want a deeper bond with your dog, giving them dog eye supplements for more holistic development is good practice.

The Evolution of the Puppy Dog Eyes

You may have noticed that your dog gives you a certain look when they want something - maybe they need to go outside, or they're begging for a treat. This look is often referred to as the "puppy dog eyes," and it's a perfect example of canine communication in action. 

The muscles around a dog's eyes create what we all know as the "puppy dog eyes". They pull the eyelids back and make the eyes appear more prominent and human-like. This is an evolutionarily ancient trait shared by many species, including dogs, wolves, coyotes, and foxes.  

However, in a study titled Evolution of facial muscle anatomy in dogs, the Director of the distinguished Dog Cognition Study Center Juliene Kaminsky, theorize that among all animals that have these muscles, dogs have the most developed as a result of selection advantage. This, she believes led to the fact that dogs became the first animals that humans successfully domesticated. Furthermore, she posits that this evolutionary trait might be influenced heavily by human interactions throughout several millennia.  

In a way, the domestication of dogs through their ability to communicate through their eyes paved the way for the domestication of other wild animals, which is an important landmark in the history of human civilization. 

What Does the Puppy Dog Eyes Communicate? 

Specifically, the muscle in question is the levator anguli oculi medialis, which is present in all dog breeds but almost entirely absent in their close relatives, the wolves. 

The puppy dog eyes are thought to be a way for dogs to communicate submission. In many cases, dogs may also use it to beg for food or treats. When a dog makes eye contact with you and gives you the puppy dog eyes, they effectively say, "I'm not a threat - please help me!" 

This begging behavior is often successful - after all, who can resist those big, pleading eyes? In fact, the Dog Cognition Study Center has found a correlation between shelter dogs that have mastered the puppy dog eyes with a rise in their adoption rates. 

Dog Eye Communication on the Physiological Level

This type of eye communication also has some implications on the physiological level. For example, research has shown that when people see dogs giving them puppy dog eyes, they experience a surge of oxytocin (the "love hormone"). 

Oxytocin is associated with bonding and attachment, and it's thought to be one of the reasons why we humans form such strong bonds with our canine companions. In fact, urine analysis performed by scientists at a renowned veterinary institution Azabu University in Japan, confirms that humans who had just locked eyes with their pet dog had up to a 300% increase in oxytocin levels. In comparison, their dogs experienced a 150% increase in the "love hormone" circulating in their system. 

The Need to Protect Our Dog's Eyes 

So, it's apparent that dog eyes aren't just for vision. They're also an essential part of canine communication. Therefore, it's vital to protect our furry friend's eyes at all costs. One of the best ways to do this by adding dog eye health supplements to their nutrition.  

Dog vitamins reinforced with lutein, bilberry extract, and zeaxanthin are known to protect their eyes from macular degeneration and overall vision. This way, you'll be helping them understand the world better. However, it's also essential to protect the muscles around the eyes that dogs enable them to communicate with their humans. 

Natural supplements for dogs with Ashwagandha or its more bioavailable counterpart called Sensoril® can help in this regard. This ingredient promotes muscle growth and recovery, which can help protect the critical levator anguli oculi medialis from strain and overuse.  

Final Thoughts: How Dogs Talk Through Their Eyes

Dogs talk through their eyes. It's a fascinating thing, and it's something that we humans have proven to be extremely beneficial. So, if you're ever feeling down, just take a look into your dog's eyes and let them remind you of how much they love you. You might be surprised at just how much they have to say. 

By understanding how dogs communicate through their eyes, we can better bond with them and protect their health at the same time. So, the next time your furry friend is looking at you with those big, beautiful eyes, remember to give them a good scratch behind the ears - they deserve it!