RISE & Revitalize
  • RISE & Revitalize
  • RISE & Revitalize
  • RISE & Revitalize
  • RISE & Revitalize
  • RISE & Revitalize

RISE & Revitalize

Energy to keep your pet going

Benefits may include:

    • Adaptogenic energy 
    • Microbiome support 
    • Joint and bone health 
    • Mood and occasional stress balance
    • Circulatory health and detox support

A proactive approach to promote joint and bone health and stamina in your pet

Alchemypet's Revitalize promotes overall pet health while increasing their energy and mood. 

Active Ingredients

  • K2Vital® (Vitamin K2 as all-trans menaquinone-7)
  • Crominex®3+ (Chromium)
  • Carniking® (L-Carnitine)
  • Virtiva® (Ginkgo Biloba, Phosphatidylserine)
  • PrimaVie® (Shilajit, Fulvic Acid)
  • Turmacin® (Turmeric Extract)

  • alchemypet Proprietary Blend:

    Rhodiola Rosea Extract

    Panax Ginseng

    Sensoril® (Ashwagandha)

    Purple Passion Flower Extract


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Bottle Size

Approx. 30



alchemypet’s line of holistic pet supplements is designed with your pet’s well-being in mind. We work closely with veterinarians to formulate ‘clean label’ products that are not only safe and palatable to dogs, but effective in delivering enhanced immunity support leading to optimized pet longevity.

We understand why fur parents would want to go as natural as they can with the products they give their pets, and that’s why we are strict about sourcing, processing, and quality control. Our products are vegan and non-GMO. We keep our ingredient lists short and simple, free of harmful chemicals, alcohol, preservatives, and allergens like gluten. We close the loop by using recycled and recyclable packaging.

With alchemypet products, you can help keep your pet strong, healthy, and happy the natural way. 

“Virtiva® is a registered trademark of Indena S.p.A., Italy”